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Best Coconut Water Taste Test

Best coconut water taste test

Published: January 18, 2018 at 3:36 pm

Our mission: to find the best coconut water available in the UK. Here are the results of our expert taste test

Looking for the best coconut water? Read on to find the results of our coconut drink taste test.


Some drinking coconut water is made from green coconuts, other coconut waters are pure coconut water and others have added natural fruit sugar, so we put all of the best coconut water brands to the test.

Benefits of coconut water

Coconut water nutrition…

Coconut water is high in potassium as well as being good for rehydration as it contains electrolytes. Coconut water is a good source of sodium which can be lost during exercise, making it a good water to drink after sport.

How the best coconut water taste test worked

Five members of the olive team conducted a blind taste test to find the best shop-bought coconut water. We tasted all of the biggest coconut water brands widely available in the UK. The group choose 1st place and the rest all runners up under specific categories.

The results for the best coconut water

Winner: Rebel Kitchen raw organic coconut water

About the coconut water: Rebel Kitchen makes its coconut water from organic young, green coconuts. The water is pink in colour because of the antioxidants in the coconut.

Comments: This pure coconut water was our overall winner with a natural, well-balanced flavour that was not too sweet. It was light, yet had a full body.

Price: £1.99/250ml, Waitrose

Rebel Kitchen raw coconut water

Best coconut water to use as a mixer in drinks: Vita Coco coconut water

About the coconut water: Vita Coco was first produced in Brazil. This coconut water is made up of 99% coconut water and 1% natural fruit sugar.

Comments: This coconut water was naturally sweet with fruity notes. It was a refreshing water to drink and would act as a good introduction to coconut water. We thought with the hints of lemon it would work well as a base for cocktails.

Price: £1.69/330ml, Ocado

Vita coco coconut water

Best coconut water to use in smoothies: Innocent coconut water

About the coconut water: Innocent coconut water is made up of 100% coconut water from 2.25 coconuts per litre.

Comments: This coconut water had savoury, salty and smoky notes. We also tasted a slight oaty flavour in this coconut water and think it would be a good base to use in smoothies.

Price: £2.49/500ml, Ocado, Sainsbury's

Innocent coconut water

Best coconut water to buy on a budget: Grace coconut water

About the coconut water: Grace coconut water juice drink is made up of 85% coconut water, water, sugar and 2% young coconut pieces.

Comments: We thought this coconut water was quite sweet to drink, and while it didn’t have the strongest coconut flavour, it was easy to drink and great value for money.

Price: £2.70/1L, Sainsbury’s

Grace coconut water

Best coconut water for those that don’t like it too sweet: Marks and Spencer’s coconut water

About the coconut water: Marks and Spencer’s coconut water is made with 99% coconut water and ascorbic acid. There are 2.25 coconuts per bottle.

Comments: This coconut water drink was very natural and clean in flavour. One of the team said they felt like they were drinking water straight from a coconut. While it is pure in flavour, it is not too sweet.

Price: £2.70/750ml, Marks and Spencer

M and S coconut water


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